DIY home automation

Home automation solution based on open-source software and own solutions. DIY home automation.
Why would you want “Do It Yourself” approach.
– Security (I do not trust devices connecting across internet and storing data on 3rd party cloud solutions)
– Absolute control (You can set up whatever your imagination can produce)
– Budget

I will be adding new blog posts as i manage to set up new things in my environment.
With my set up i can either use any web browser, Android Openhab app or Google Home to control my environment.
For example i can say “Hey Google, turn on Movie Time” . This will trigger:
– Set Projector screen down
– Turn On Projector
– Set AV receiver ON and to specific preset with specific volume and sound settings.
– Change AV receiver Input to Computer.

Architecture overview of my Home Automation:
Software used:

Openhab  – open source automation software for your DIY home automation
openhabian – debian with openhab integrated
WinThing – Program to control Windows PC through mqtt and openhab
MQTT broker (Mosquitto) – lightweight messaging protocol for sending messages between computers
AutoIT – scripting language to control Windows OS with ease
EventGhost – automation tool for Windows. Use for IR for example.

Hardware for automation:

RaspberryPi 2B
MySensor Serial Gateway, MySensor DIY sensor
Fibaro Dimmer, Fibaro Switch, Fibaro Roller shutter
Dlink DSP-w215 powerplug
Broadlink RM 3 Mini – Wifi universal remote control
Google Home mini

Hardware connected and controled:

Asus VivoMini – mini Server with windows 10
Sony AV receiver STR-DN1060
Epson projector, projector motorized screen.
Vacuum robot –  RobZone Duoro X
Dyson Pure Cool link

Setting up ESXi Home lab


Disclaimer – everything needs to be properly licensed some things can be used for free but some not. I will not explain in detail licensing in this tutorial.

1. Introduction

Setting up ESXi home lab to test new technologies at home. VMWARE Workstation running Virtual ESXi hosts.
All hosts can communicate only with each other. For internet access i have one NAT adapter assigned to SQUID proxy Virtual machine installed in the ESXi FARM.
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Cron in rules files for Openhab

Simple cron in rules files for Openhab
In this post i explain how to schedule task from rules file using cron.
Rules are triggered based on the what you specify in the “when” part.
It can either trigger by update of item or in specific time. For time scheduling is used Unix-like job scheduler called cron.

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D-link smart plug DSP-W215 with Openhab

Tutorial on how to make the smart plug from d-link dsp-w215 controllable from other than the official dlink application. In this case Openhab but should be possible to integrate it in any other application. Following tutorial is for linux. But with slight modification should be possible to use on windows as well (NODEJS is multiplatform).

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Fibaro RollerShutter 2 Installation and connecting with Openhab

I had installed from house developer the button controls for external venetian blinds from company named legrand.
Failed to find any usefull documentation on internet regarding this specific button control.
I contacted the fibaro support if they can help me to connect it. They were very helpfull and could find documentation on neighbour country website for my type of switch. Read Full Post…