Fibaro RollerShutter 2 Installation and connecting with Openhab

I had installed from house developer the button controls for external venetian blinds from company named legrand.
Failed to find any usefull documentation on internet regarding this specific button control.
I contacted the fibaro support if they can help me to connect it. They were very helpfull and could find documentation on neighbour country website for my type of switch.

Installing the fibaro under button

This is the type of the buttons i have.

and here is how it is connected to the external venetian blinds

As Always before you work with with electricity turn it off first. 4 out of 5 electricians recommend ?

It is pretty straight forward. Connecting the outputs from the switch up and down to S1 and S2 on the fibaro rollershutter unit. And connect the cables which were in place to Q1 and Q2. Separate Line into two and connect it in both fibaro unit and the switch. And finally connect neutral into fibaro unit as on diagram.

After you connect it turn the power back on.

Installing in Openhab

Go to Openhab PaperUI->Inbox->Search for things->Zwave binding
After this new Z-wave node rollershutter should be found.
Add this as a thing.
Create new item in items configuration file (..\items\default.items)

Rollershutter name_of_the_item "Rollershutter" <rollershutter>
String get_state_roller "Get State [%s]"

second item is not needed. it is only for checking the state of the blinds. more on this in the bottom of this post.

assign this item to the rollershutter Thing in PaperUI

You have to start callibration process so you can send percentage values to the rollershutter. Click edit on the Thing and set configuration parameter 29 to “start calibration”. I also changed the parameter 10 to “toggle switches” so it works as suppose to with my type.

Even the switch was working properly up was up down was down in the openhab  it was inverted. Fortunatelly there is simple setting on the rollershutter Thing in PaperUI where you can check box invert control.

I added the item in sitemap like this:

Switch item=dinning_roller mappings=[95="OPEN", 0="▲", STOP="■", 100="▼"]
Switch item=get_state_roller mappings=[getmyvalue="GET STATE"]

mapping 95 will nicely only set my external venetian blinds to horizontal position.

here is rule to check the blinds state (../rules/rollershutter.rules)

rule "rRollershutter"
Item get_state_roller received command
 logInfo("rule rRollershutter", "command "+receivedCommand)
  switch (receivedCommand) {
    case "getmyvalue" : {
      logInfo("rRollershutter", "current state "+dinning_roller.state.toString)

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