Creating own google home commands with IFTTT

Google home commands with IFTTT.  Set up your own sentences to control your home automation.

  • Set your IFTTT account
  • Connect it with your google assistant
  • Create applets which communicate with openhab

To create account and sign in go to

After signing in go to your applets (first top menu option)

click new applet. click on the blue +this
search for google assistant. click on it.

choose Say a simple phrase
in first 3 fields write what you want to say to google home / assistant.
in 4th what google home should reply.

for example i have set this:

1. open dining blinds
2. open blinds in dining room
3. open dining room blinds

4. dining room blinds are opening

click create

click on the blue +that
search for openhab. authorize with your myopenhab cloud account.
select the item you want to control.
write command you want to send (ON, OFF, number)

I am opening blinds so i have set 95 to open the blinds and 100 to close them.
And that is it. Now you can control things as you wish from your google assistant/google home.

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