Project Overview

Home automation in progress.
I will be adding new blog posts as i manage to set up new things in my environment.
With my set up i can either use any webbrowser, Android openhab application or Google Home to control my environment.
For example i can say “Hey Google, turn on Movie Time” . This will trigger:
– Set Projector screen down
– Turn On Projector
– Set AV receiver ON and to specific preset with specific volume and sound settings.
– Change AV receiver Input to Computer.

Architecture overview of my Home Automation:
Software used:

Openhab – external link
openhabian – debian with openhab integrated
MQTT broker (Mosquitto)

Hardware for automation:

RaspberryPi 2B
MySensor Serial Gateway, MySensor DIY sensor
Fibaro Dimmer, Fibaro Roller shutter
Dlink DSP-w215 powerplug
Broadlink RM 3 Mini
Google Home mini

Hardware connected:

Asus mini server
Sony AV receiver STR-DN1060
Epson projector, projector motorized screen.